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A letter to my best friend...

Dear Best Friend,

I love you. I wish I could support you like you support me. You mean so much to me and your willingness to let me follow my dreams makes my life complete. We are so lucky and I wouldn't want to change a thing! I really want you to think about what is truly fulfilling to you, in your heart. I know money sounds nice but I think it's the freedom you are really after. What changes can we make to make you happy? Because that's a ll I really want for you. Remember our "ordinary" routines are some people's dream and we shouldn't take advantage of that. Your job provides stability, which I crave, but I want you find out what will keep you going. It is possible for change, we just have to decide and go for it! I believe in you more than you know. You are one of the smartest people I know and I want you to be able to share that with others. I know you will do great things in this life if you used your greatness for good! Your energy is your strongest power. Although, they say knowledge is not power it's the execution and repetition you put into your dreams and passions. Once you find your passion it will lead you to embody it and own it, it will become a new part of your identity. Whatever you think is impossible is only impossible until someone breaks the boundaries. Hunger is the most important element of achievement. You must be certain of your goals in life because if you are uncertain it can lead to a negative cycle. So remember, happy people become happier, depressed people become more depressed. I'm positive once you take action and find balance, you will have a breakthrough. You have to believe yourself to get what what you want. First though, know what you are going after. Freedom only comes when you take responsibility for your life and happiness. Wipe out fear babe because you are incredible! The only thing that can change your life are those long term decisions. Feed your mind, put it into a state every morning. If your happiness depends on others, you will never truly be happy. Trade expectations for appreciation. We are lucky and we should live in a beautiful state no matter what! You know what's unique? Someone who is happy-- every damn day. Our proximity to one another is our greatest power. I couldn't do this life without you. A higher stat of energy will change everything. Emotion is our greatest resource. It's hard to change yourself but it's easy to change patterns. If we give ourselves new systems of beliefs the quality of our lives will change for the better. We are fearless and we can't be afraid to live our lives. Let's get that momentum, even if it's just a mindset of visualizations and achieve everything we could ever want in this life, together. Because that's what I really want. With you by my side we are already the definition of success.

Thanks for attending my Ted Talk, you da best.



*sometimes its the word's we have others that give ourselves the most meaning

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