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10 Must See Murals in Phoenix's Art District

Grab your selfie stick and head to Roosevelt Row, an uncoventional arts district, in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

"Art is not what you see, but what others make you see."

-Edgar Degas

Lalo Cota BREEZE


It's hard to pick a favorite but I really love this gal. Really anything with wings speaks to me... and well since this chick is holding what appears to be beer & wine, well that's totally me! I call it-- Booze Give Me Wings, and in all honesty I hope this is how I'm greeted to heaven.

Carrie Marill


Because lets face it, all I see is an Instagram hot spot.

Laura Spalding


Forget about this wall hiding an actual power plant *(fun fact the name centennial actually represents Arizona's 100th year as a state, which was celebrated in 2012) but check out the aesthetic of desert versus power--better yet, check out those sick camera skills, where the real towers match the mural. Boo-yah!

Roy Sproule

"Is that of a summer song...a few moments not forever long through the image look & listen... the given moment let life glisten"

- Christopher Skelton

This is part of a larger work of art, but this... this is LOVE. Love does what- really a multitude!

Tato Caraveo

This is a literal diamond in the rough! It's so eccentric it will make you look twice, once you see it. Put on your walking shoes babies because this is a gem to be found-- you just have to look hard enough! And after all, isn't life all about the adventure. Because this is really the type of adventure I'm looking for... where I am floating with heart shaped clouds, calling over and pointing out all my flying pet pink pigs (Henry, Ham, Charlotte, & Bacon) to my best friend. Whilst my best friend smells Bacon... so cute but so yummy... UGH!

Carrie Marill


Carrie Marill for the win. Not only is her art scoring major Instagram worthy points, but this one hits the heart strings through her tribute to Appalachian artist.

Joerael Elliott Jesse Perry


This one will make you want to stop & stare. It seems to have no boundaries, no limit. Is it a liquid that put you in this trance? A total plus, see a movie while you are there, check it off your bucket list. The Indie Cinema is another thing not to miss!

Bishop Ortega Larry Valencia Anthony Vasquez


Who knew the human anatomy could be so appealing especially stripped away from skin. It's funny to think how we all might align if we could only see what's on the inside. I don't know really, I just wanna release myself to the cosmos, like this guy. #takemeaway #imreadyforavaycay

Gennaro Garcia


Supposedly when a butterfly lands on you, it's to bring good luck! With a sense of transformation, these bright colors & flowers seem to bring life to its surroundings. She is definitely waking up my inner child... Now go play outside!!!

Brian Boner


A beautiful tribute to raise awareness about homelessness. Water your garden with your pure abundance, practice compassion. Check out The I Have A Name Project.

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